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  1. Brittonica

    Brittonica Level 0 Character

    Hi everyone, this will be my first Gary Con, so please forgive my ignorance. Will there be any sort of collectibles auction at the convention? I'm a fairly avid collector, and have always enjoyed attending the auctions held at Gen Con and Gamehole Con with Frank on the mic.
  2. dndgeek

    dndgeek Troubadour

    Yes, there is a charity auction that runs about 3pm-6pm on Saturday, after the group picture. Lots of good stuff shows up every year.
  3. Brittonica

    Brittonica Level 0 Character

    Excellent! I couldn't find an event listing for this; do we just show up? Any details about location and procedure would be appreciated!
  4. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member
    This is a good page to check out, for people who haven't yet.

    I'm not very involved in the auction, so I can't say too much for certain.

    You buy a numbered card for a few bucks (5?). You hold it up to bid.

    There isn't a huge quantity of printed, playable product (modules and such). But there is a lot of really great and rare miscellaneous items (art, personal items, notes, signed photo, costume accessories, who knows what).

    Not sure how the payment system works (cash/credit).

    It's in a mini-auditorium on the 2nd floor.
  5. dndgeek

    dndgeek Troubadour

    Swinghurst Room, show up and wave your money around
  6. Brittonica

    Brittonica Level 0 Character

    Ah yes, I see it now. Thanks for the tips!
  7. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    They charge for the cards?

    A few years back cash or credit worked.
  8. Buttmonkey

    Buttmonkey Troubadour

    I believe last year it was too crowded for everyone who wanted to attend to actually get into the auditorium.
  9. Poindexter

    Poindexter Footpad

    indeed. standing room only...outside in the hall.
  10. diaglo

    diaglo Footpad

    and it is an auction for charity. so people who donate items don't get the money it goes to WWP this year.
  11. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Gang! yes the auction is 3PM in the Swinghurst Room. next year I am working to get it in the lobby bar/lounge area. Auction Bidding Cards will be available at the Merch and Con HQs Thursday to Saturday. They are $10 each.

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