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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skip, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Skip

    Skip Administrator Staff Member

    If you're having any issues getting your events submitted through Table Top Events, of if you have questions not answered on the How to Submit Events page on the main site (, post them here and we'll the issue sorted out.

    A couple of things that have cropped up already:

    Sunday Events
    TTE will not allow you to start an event after noon on Sunday, that's deliberate. For the frost two weeks of September, TTE also was not allowing events to run past noon on Sunday. That's fixed now (we think). The show officially ends at 4pm, but we're not limiting the duration for Sunday events.

    Editing Events
    Until event submission closes at the end the December, you can go in and edit your events whenever you like. If you need to make a change that the system won't allow, let us know and we probably can fix it for you.

    Submitting Events on Behalf of Others
    You can do this, provided the actual GM has both a TTE account and a Gary Con X badge. TTE will automatically list you as host for any event you submit, but Dave or I can change the host; just list the actual GM's name or email in the notes space. Even after the change, the event will continue to show on your "My Events" page.
  2. Skip

    Skip Administrator Staff Member

    New information from the good folks at Table Top Events:

    When the staff goes into an event we've already accepted to make a change TTE won't allow you to make (for example, to change an event's duration) you will not see the change on your "my events" page. This is because TTE will show you only your submission, not the edited event. This state of affairs persists until we actually schedule your event.

    This is not an issue that has affected very many people, but it has caused some consternation.
  3. Scott M.

    Scott M. Level 0 Character

    If you changed the state of the events from "queued" back to "submitted for review," would that re-enable us to make changes? If so, that might be easy workaround. Unless there's some kind of priority based on time of acceptance for scheduling?
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  4. Skip

    Skip Administrator Staff Member

    I don't think I have that option, but lemme check.

    There isn't a way to "un accept" an event, other than deleting it and starting over.

    Thus far, it hasn't been a big issue, just a little weird.
  5. jonsnod

    jonsnod Level 0 Character

    I've got an approved event scheduled for 6-10 on Friday that I'd like to expand to 4-10 (DCC Disciples of the Wheel Tournament).
    Would you prefer to change it behind the scenes or just have me delete & resubmit? I'm fine either way; let me know which is easier for you.

    Thank you,

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