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    If you have just a couple pics, post here. Otherwise post a link to Facebook/Instagram/Photobucket or whatever I'm not hip to, so that the thread doesn't take a week to load, please.
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    Tim receives award:


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    Spotted a Furry wandering the dealer room. Dont know if its a mascot of some kind. But i thought it was different.

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    Well, there's someone who wasn't cold if they went outside.
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    Likewise, you put on a hell of a great game! I wish I could have stayed for the finale of Eaters on Friday, but alas, lack of sleep and too much beer did me in.

    Speaking of which, here's the Flickr album of my pics from Friday night Eaters of the Dead:
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    Thank you! Those pics are good enough to steal! See you next year!
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    For my first post in these forums I'll start by saying I had a great time at my first Gary Con!

    I've put my photos into a public FB account, with notes for each:

    Gary Con IX Annotated Slideshow

    The slideshow should be viewable even if you don't have a FB account. Follow the link and click on the first photo (of the Zenopus Archives badge) to start viewing the slideshow.

    For reference, I was in/at the following games/events. There are pictures for most but not all of them:

    12-4 Top Secret RPG (new version in playtesting) scenario with Merle Rasmussen (author of original Top Secret)
    4-8 "The Last Great Adventure - in 3D" AD&D adventure with Harold Johnson (author of C1 Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan) (only one picture of the "3D" terrain)
    9-12 Gen Con 50 celebration at Horticultural Hall, original home of Gen Con

    8-12 Orc's Drift CHAINMAIL game run by Kevin Cabai
    12-2 Caves of Chaos - Cave G - 5E (no pics of this)
    2-4 Dungeon! boardgame with the designer David Megarry
    4-6 Charity Auction - Frank Mentzer & others
    7-12 Battle of the Brown Hills CHAINMAIL, written by Gygax, organized by Paul Stormberg

    10-12 Dragon Lairds with the co-designer Tom Wham
    12-4 Braunstein IV: Banania with David Wesely

    Next year I plan to return and run a game!

    If you are not logged in here (and can't see my sig), my blog is
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