Gary Con

March 8th - 11th, 2018

Bruce Heard

Bruce HeardBruce Heard was born and raised in Nice, France. While attending the Lycée he first developed interest in war games, primarily Avalon Hill games such as Kriegspiel, Luftwaffe, Third Reich, & Panzer Leader – the Classics.

While living in San Francisco he discovered Dungeon’s & Dragon’s Basic Set. Upon his return to France, he joined his first D&D group. Shortly after he began writing articles on D&D and AD&D for French gaming magazine, “Casus Belli.” A fortuitous turn of events led him to meet Gary Gygax, and he was hired in 1983 to translate TSR games into French. In 1985, Bruce transferred to the Games Division as an acquisitions coordinator. A few years later, he headed the creative team for the world of Mystara in the D&D basic/expert line.

Game designs include “CM7 Tree of Life,” “M1 Into the Maelstrom,” GAZ3 “Principalities of Glantri,” and GAZ10 “Orcs of Thar.” Bruce co-authored Dragons of Faith. Bruce also authored the popular “Voyage of the Princess Ark” series for Dragon magazine.

Today, as an indie publisher, his new projects are based on a new fantasy setting of his creation, the World of Calidar, available at

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