Gary Con

March 8th - 11th, 2018

Chris Clark


Chris CarkChris Clark began his “professional” gaming career by running events at Gen Con in 1977. He formed Inner City Games Designs in 1981 to publish the game Inner City RPG while attending the University of Illinois. Since then, Chris has written more than 70 published role-playing, miniature, card and board games, including Fuzzy heroes and War PIG’s and he is still writing them for Inner City Games Designs today. He wrote two generic multi-system adventures with the assistance of Gary Gygax in the late 90s; A Challenge of Arms and The Ritual of Golden Eyes.

These endeavors transformed what was a long term friendship into an ongoing business relationship, when Chris formed Hekaforge Productions with Gary Gygax in 1998, they launched Gary’s newest role playing creations at the time, the Legendary Adventure and the Legendary Earth. Several of the adventures written by Chris for the system were later reproduced by Troll Lord Games for the Legendary Adventures. Chris also worked for Eldritch Enterprises and authored much of the “Dark” series of modules as well as the entire “Forest of Deceit” arc of adventures.

Chris is currently writing the Lands of Igpay adventure series, The Lance RPG, and has plans to finally finish the Castle Wolfmoon series of adventure modules. “It just seems there are never enough hours in the day,” he said when asked, “…but that’s one rule I have found I can’t change!”

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