Gary Con

March 8th - 11th, 2018

Elise’ Gygax-Cousino

Gary’s eldest daughter attended the early Gen Con conventions as a young child, selling “gourmet” hot dogs and sodas to hungry game enthusiasts.
One of the original D&D play testers, and helped collate the original boxed sets in the basement of their 330 Center Street house.
Worked for TSR from 1976 to 1981 starting as a girl Friday, worked various positions; Reception, Sales and Advertising departments and attended Trade Shows and Gaming Conventions. She hesitantly, admits to modeling for various 1970’s gaming advertisements, and the last position she held at TSR was Executive Secretary to the President and CEO, (i.e. Gary Gygax), and was his personal chauffer. She also worked on the first Lanier word processor inputting original Dungeons & Dragons manuscripts, and answering fan mail.
Elise moved to Hawaii in 1985 and would send her father Hawaiian shirts for his birthday’s and Holidays. The brighter the shirt the better as far as Gary was concerned, which he would wear to game conventions and enjoy seeing people’s reaction to his attire.
After her father’s passing, she proposed the original Monument plan to the city of Lake Geneva working with Hollywood concept artist, Keith Christensen, (Keith’s works include; X-men, Star Trek, Star Wars, Thor and Dunkirk to name a few,, who graciously donated his time and talents for the monument and other design work. The monument project was passed to Gygax Memorial Fund, so Keith worked with Elise on a design for a Memorial Brick which was placed by the Gygax siblings at The Riviera Fountain in their father’s honor.
Inspired by Gary’s love for Hawaiian shirts, Keith and Elise have collaborated on a special edition Aloha shirt design in honor of her father which will be available at Gary Con X.

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