Gary Con

March 8th - 11th, 2018

Frank Mentzer


Frank is an accomplished folk musician & master baker. He is also a famous fantasy author and game designer. Frank worked from TSR, Inc. from 1980-1986. During that time he established the Role-Playing Games Association (RPGA), revised and expanded the Basic Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) rules in five box sets (Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, & Immortals), and served as creative advisor to chairman of the board- Gary Gygax. Frank recently got the “band back together” and is busing designing the future classic adventure materials with the team at Eldritch Enterprises.

Frank has been the head auctioneer at the Gen Con game auction since 1983, where he puts his expert knowledge of collectible games to good use. It is rumored that he once sold a copy of GW1: Legion of Gold for over $100! Frank has a humungously large & envied collection of board games. He enjoys sharing these classic games with fellow board game aficionados at conventions around the country. Frank has always shared his knowledge and stories of gaming, and is a plethora of information on gaming.

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