Gary Con

March 8th - 11th, 2018

James Carpio

James CarpioCorporate educator, writer, and game designer James Carpio began his obsession with role-playing games with the Moldvey D&D box set in 1981. Since then James has become obsessed with games of all types. As an avid gamer, James spends most of his free time playing games, toying with game mechanics, and embracing nerd culture. As Chief Games officer of TSR, James was crucial in the development of Top Secret: New World Order as a designer of the Lucky 13 game engine. Next on the list is TSRs upcoming pulp RPG, Pulp Era.

As president Grindhaus Media James has collaborated to publish the 2012 ENnie award nominated Spookybeans the Gothic Comics RPG and the DCC supplement Tales from the Fallen Empire under the Chapter 13 Press label.

Other nerdy endeavors include collaboration with other game companies (Eden Studios, Exile Game Studios, Secret Fire Games and R. Talsorian Games) and host of the Cube of Death podcast (TSR Podcasting Network). You can hear James rant on Twitter @ravenspoe or Facebook @GrindhausMedia

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