Jayson Elliot

Jayson Elliot

July 25, 2015 Off By Jenny Meara

Jayson Elliot is the president and creative director of the new TSR Games, publishers of Top Secret: New World Order™.

Their first foray with the new company was Gygax Magazine, published with Luke Gygax, Ernie Gygax, and Tim Kask. In addition to Top Secret: New World Order, TSR Games now has a podcast network, their gaming blog Multiverse.world, a series of digest-sized adventures for various game systems, and for 2018 will be releasing several new products, including Pulp Era.

Jayson’s affinity for spy games began with the first Top Secret game. He first met Top Secret creator Merle Rasmussen as a kid in the 1980s, and was thrilled to bring Merle on board to author the newest edition of Top Secret. Jayson comes from a family of intelligence professionals. With three family members in the NSA (National Security Agency), he was raised by his grandfather, a Naval cryptographer in World War II who went on to a career in the NSA, serving during the time when its existence was still officially classified, leading to its nickname “No Such Agency.”

You can find Jayson at Gary Con this year running Top Secret NWO. He loves to talk about obscure computers, weird microcars, and Terry Pratchett.