Gary Con

March 8th - 11th, 2018

Marc Miller

Marc Miller is an award-winning game designer with experience reaching back some forty years. He playtested John Hill’s original Squad Leader; he once slept overnight in Jim Dunnigan’s office; he (well, his company) published a game by Gary Gygax. He designed one of the Europa Series games. He once won a Hunt For Red October naval miniatures game refereed by Tom Clancy himself. He designed the best-selling science-fiction role-playing game of all time. Marc was the second role-playing game designer inducted into the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame (Gary Gygax was the first), and his role-playing game Traveller is in the Hall of Fame in its own name. Did we mention he was a founding member of the legendary Game Designers’ Workshop? Marc lives in Illinois with his wife Darlene.

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