Gary Con

March 8th - 11th, 2018

Peter Adkison

peter adkison

Peter is a successful game developer, and the founder of Wizards of the Coast; which he ran successfully as the CEO from 1993 through 2001. During Adkison’s tenure, Wizards of the Coast rose to the status of a major publisher in the hobby game industry. Wizards achieved runaway success with its creation of Magic: the Gathering, which started the collectible card game genre. It also distributed the Pokémon trading cards, and later acquired the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, releasing a successful new 3/3.5 edition of the popular game.

In 2001 he sold Wizards of the Coast to Hasbro. Peter later purchased Gen Con from Hasbro, in 2002, and continues to run & manage one of the largest role-playing game conventions in the known universe.

In 2005, he was the CEO of Hidden City Games and working to promote their new game Clout Fantasy. Adkison is a longtime fan of role-playing games in general and Dungeons & Dragons specifically. As of 2013, he has started a production company known as Hostile Work Environment LLC. So his time is spent with all of his creative projects.

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