Gary Con

March 8th - 11th, 2018

Terry Kuntz


Terry Kuntz was born on December 25th 1953. This Christmas miracle became involved in miniatures wargaming by the age of 15. He learned much from his brother Rob, who played miniatures and board games with his friend Gary Gygax. All three were members of the Lake Geneva Tactical Studies Association.

In 1970 Terry, Rob and Don Kaye joined the Gary Gygax and his children Ernie and Elise for the second session of Gygax’s new game (at that time) Dungeons and Dragons. Inspired, Terry went on to create and conceive the monster known as the Beholder and the infamous Energy-draining Sword. In 1975 Terry began working at TSR designing rule sets, games, and even managed Dungeon Hobby Shop.

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