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The Legends of Role Playing Tournament Results

Hail Legends of Roleplaying Adventurers! What a fantastic tournament! The Legends of Roleplaying Tournament is the world’s largest old-school D&D tournament and this year we had 144 great players and a team of awesome DMs! I am absolutely indebted to these fine tournament DMs who, over the years, have made it possible for the Legends…

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The Gary Con Cosplay Contest

Gary Con XV is our first official cosplay contest!  25 creative contestants have signed up on TTE. The theme for 2023 is: D&D of any sort Boot Hill inspired Gamma World inspired Make sure to check the event policy link in the event if you have signed up to compete. We have amazing judges; Joe…

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The Gary Con Charity Auction

Greetings Fellow Gamers, As you know, we love to play games while celebrating the life and works of Gary Gygax in Lake Geneva every March at Gary Con. Besides high adventure, shaking dice and making new friends , we also work to raise money for charity. The Gary Con community is made up of a…

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The Menus

Check out all 3 menus!  Hungry during your game?  Use the yellow table flags to order tableside service and check out the other menus below.  Any complaints about the cocktails should go straight to Luke.  

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The Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Events

So, as many of you know, we’ve got the new D&D movie showing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We’ve been able to get a shuttle to-and-from the nearby theater where it is happening at and while the movie is free to those with a badge that can book events, we’re charging $7.50 for the shuttle.…

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GM Rewards and COVID Updates

GM Rewards and COVID Updates For the 2nd year in a row now, the Grand has had to hold back rooms due to the ongoing improvements to the hotel. While we love the results of the room improvements, the impact on available space at the Grand is an inconvenience for many and especially our hard-working…

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The Tournament Winners are in!

There are many tournaments that run at Gary Con.  Two of these are the Legends of Roleplaying Tournament (LoRPT) and The Gary Con Open Tournament (GCOT).  Winners receive Silver badges for GC XV. Legends of Roleplaying Tournament Paul Stormberg organizes the LoRPT and this year and here’s his and the GMs report: The winning team…

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GC Ticket Release Process

The Big Picture At Gary Con, we use a gradual release cycle with tickets for certain event types (RPGs, Board Games, Card Games, Miniatures and Seminars).  Every time a new ticket tier opens, another percentage of tickets become available.   While not a perfect system, it allows for every tier a chance to get a ticket…

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Badge Conversion Policy

If you are unable to attend and wish to convert your physical badge to a virtual one, here’s how to do it: email [email protected], with the email used for your TTE account and badge number and we can take care of it for you.  The conversion go as follows: SILVER and YOUTH badges: We’ll convert those badges to an ETHEREAL badge GOLD or higher badges:…

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Gary Con XIV CV-19 Stance

Greetings Gary Con Goers, We are about 6 months out from Gary Con XIV.  We plan on gathering at the Grand Geneva in beautiful Lake Geneva Wisconsin March 24-27, 2022 to Celebrate A Life Well-Played. We have some important dates coming up soon.  Hotel room reservations at the Grand open up on Wednesday, September 1st at…

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