Gary Con Presents: Autumn Revel Virtual Gaming Event



OCTOBER 9-12, 2020


Greetings Seekers!

The die is cast and we will have a Gary Con this coming March in Lake Geneva barring circumstances outside of our control.  Gary Con will come in two options in 2021, a “Material” convention held at the Grand Geneva Resort, and an “Ethereal” or virtual gaming event.  This provides YOU the attendee with the option to select what suits your needs the best. We want to be able to help everyone Celebrate A Life Well-Played in a safe and fun manner.  So how’s that apply to Autumn Revel you ask?

Autumn Revel is a virtual gaming event that is a way for us to have fun and play games, while we test out systems and ideas to help us bring a better Ethereal Gary Con experience in March of 2021.  We will open up sales to the public for Gary Con XIII Packages as well.  And, truth be told, it would be a lot of fun to have a small in-person convention that harkens back to earlier Gary Cons in the fall going forward.  So this is foreshadowing of what I hope will come to pass in 2022 and beyond.  I named this one  con after on of my favorite past conventions from my youth.  I have many fond memories at the American Legion Hall playing Traveller with Frank Krohn, learning a new Tom Wham game while sipping a coke and eating a hot dog. Halcyon days indeed!

So please join us over Columbus Day Weekend (or Indigenous People’s Day if you prefer), roll some dice, interact with vendors and watch some exciting adventures on Twitch. See the links below (Or click here now) to get your badge and register for events,  chat on facebook or get custom swag from the merchandise store.  Once again James V. West did an amazing job on the artwork.  This scene is from my Blighted Lands module, The Search For Darwah’s Temple (BL1) to life.  I look forward to seeing you at Autumn Revel!

– Luke Gygax


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