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Gary Con Silver Event Registration Redux!

Greetings Adventurers, TableTop.Events has fortified the walls and healed the troops after last Saturday’s tragic encounter! We are ready to head back into the fray, so please join us at 6pm CT on Sunday, March 1st for the Gary Con Silver Event Registration Redux (GCSERR). Thank you so much for hanging in there with us…

By LMetcalf February 27, 2020 0

The Grand Geneva is gonna take your money!

No, like really. This week they’ll be taking the 1 night deposit. If you have questions or like cancelled your credit card, call this number: (262) 248-8811 (it belongs to the Grand). The only surprise should be how cute my dog is, though, not your credit card statement, so we wanted to let y’all know.…

By LMetcalf February 15, 2020 0

Growing Pains: Grand Geneva is Overbooked

Gary Con attendees are passionate about coming to Lake Geneva and celebrating with the Gygax Family. The Grand Geneva received such a huge and overwhelming response when they opened up the Gary Con hotel block earlier this year that the reservations team booked more rooms than there were actually available.  The error was temporary but…

By Melf December 15, 2019 Off