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  1. Alberto Cintron
    Alberto Cintron
    One time I stared into Medusa's eyes... once.
  2. Alberto Cintron
  3. sir jon
    sir jon
    Tell me again why you're called 'Luscious'.
  4. katsin
    Gary Con is the only con for us!
  5. katsin
    Gary Con is the only Con for us!
  6. sir jon
    sir jon
    I ain't doin' nuthin... Unless you look.
  7. dndgeek
    focused on Dungeons Deep work
  8. forgemeister
    writing... a lot.
  9. stahlnee
  10. stahlnee
  11. gmbarry
  12. Zenopus
    Engulfed in green flame
  13. gamerdork
    gamerdork mwisconsin
    Greetings! I am not sure how to PM someone through this, so here is my question:

    I will be attending your fine convention, finally for the entire four days! I am on Staff with The Gaming Hoopla - hopefully you have heard of us. May I have permission to bring flyers for our con, to put out at yours? (We are April 7-8-9, so shortly after yours.) If yes, with whom should I speak when I arrive?
    1. mwisconsin
      Hey GD: The messages system is in the upper right corner of the community forums, here.

      To answer your question, approach the admin desk with your flyers when you're on site. Typically, there's a table or area set aside for such things.
      Feb 23, 2017
  14. stahlnee
    Group Hawaiian Shirt Picture in Lobby – 2:00 PM Saturday
  15. stahlnee
    GaryCon IX Hawaiian Shirt Photo - Just prior to the Auction on Saturday.
  16. Axiom
    Axiom Buttmonkey
    Okay... I am not sure if I am just blind... but looking on the Contact Us portion of the website, I just see a who's who of people working on Garycon, (Luke, Dave, Lloyd etc) no actual contact info.

    Basically, I am just looking for somewhere I can attempt to sell copies of a book and an adventure I wrote. Not sure what I would need for that.

    Thanks much sir.
  17. gmbarry
    gmbarry mwisconsin
    Hey, Like I stated, I cannot attend Garycon next year, I cannot use store credit. Just looking to get my paypal refund as stated. Nothing more, nothing less Thanks.
    [email protected]
  18. stahlnee
    GaryCon IX Hawaiian Shirt Photo - Just prior to the Auction on Saturday.
  19. Venger Satanis
    Venger Satanis
    Just finished Girls Gone Rogue... if you're into humorous and sleazy 1970's sci-fi, check out Alpha Blue.
  20. Jeff
    Jeff mwisconsin
    Thank you. I appreciate your help.