Bringing Gatsby and the Great Race to Gary Con X!

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    Hi all! A few Chaosium Cult of Chaos Keepers (Ed Possing, Jen Martin and Cory Welch) are bringing Gatsby and the Great Race at Gary Con X! We've updated the rules to Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, and we're running in the afternoon in a 6 hour slot on Saturday the 10th, and we would like to run a full 4 table game if possible, but we only have enough Keepers for a 3 table game at the present. We could use some runner Keepers for passing messages between tables, and adjudicate some special related rules - you can be taught! :)
    Preferably, Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition experience is desired, but if you want to have a great time learning a new system, I'm sure we can coach you into being a weird horror role player in no time. ;) We'll be meeting a few times online before Gary Con - we'll get you the information if you're interested.

    We've run this before and it was an incredible experience for player and Keeper - the players hung out for an hour afterwards discussing the fun - it was an incredible experience.

    We're looking for some role playing lovers who really want to give players a great and memorable experience! If this sounds like something you would like to do, please let us know - we'd like to rock this event something fierce, and you'll be part of it! If you want to play the legendary scenario, we hope to see you at the tables!

    So, the pertinent information:

    Gatsby and the Great Race at Gary Con X (Lake Geneva, WI)
    Saturday, March 10th in a 6 hour game slot at 1 or 2 PM

    It is an incredible experience, and we hope there are folks out there that would like to join us in bringing this amazing event to Gary Con X!

    Please respond here or through personal messaging. Looking forward to bringing this to life once again! [​IMG]

    Jen, Ed and Cory
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    <thread plane shifted>
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    Hi! FYI, we've gathered enough Keepers for the 4 table game! If anyone is still interested in helping out, we welcome you! Please let us know - we're stoked to run this event! :)

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    I played this at Nexus and had a blast. My daughter had never played Cthulhu before and she loved it! I highly recommend this game!
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    Thanks, Scott! You guys are well remembered! :)! Thanks for the testimonial - yes, we really want to bring a great game to Gary Con X and we're looking forward to it! :)

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    Just signed up for the game -- now to read up on my F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jazz Age slang!
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    It was AWESOME playing with you, Paul!! What a run, thanks for making it great!!! :p
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    Gatsby and The Great Race at Gary Con X - WRAP UP!

    Our Keepers had a FANTASTIC event at Gary Con X! Keepers and players alike brought their best to make the run an incredible experience with another extended after-event story swap with the players trying to piece together all the clues and make sense of the mind-twisting plots of the master, Paul Fricker. Chaosium provided generous prizes for our awesome players, including at copy of Reign of Terror, the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Keepers Screen, and other sweet prizes for the players to bring home for their own dives into madness! Thank you all players and Keepers for making this a memorable event for everybody involved!!

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