Gary Con X Legends Tournament: Vengeance of the Giants!

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  1. Hail Legends Tournament Adventurers!

    It was close!


    The winner of the Gary Con X Legends Tournament is...

    Team #2, DM Allen Hammack, Points 88, Team #1, Zeb Cook, 99, Team #4 DM Allan T. Grohe Jr., Points 106, Team #5, DM William Smith, Points 131, and the winners...

    Team #3, DM Paul Stormberg, Points 137!

    Each winning team member receives a cool t-shirt (with their character portrait by Tom Wham, and a free Silver Badge to Gary Con XI!

    We had over 45 players sign-up, 20 players waiting for tickets, and another 20 players show up as standby players! Next year we will have DMs for 10 teams!

    Thanks to all of the players, DMs, and Ollie Cahoon and Kevin Maurice - my event marshals! Thanks to Tom Wham for the fantastic character portraits.

    Next year's Legends Tournament is already being planned! The call goes out:

    Futures Bright,

    Paul Stormberg
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  2. Poindexter

    Poindexter Footpad

    it was a blast to play in this and i cannot wait for next year!
  3. Scott308

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    Does the winning team get an automatic spot in next year's event? I had fun and look forward to defending the title.
  4. That is an excellent suggestion!
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