Gary Con XI Legends Tournament AD&D 1e Game Masters Needed!

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  1. Howdy All,

    I am running the Gary Con XI Legends Tournament this year and using an adventure by myself and Mike Carr titled Discovery of the Unknown. The adventure will use AD&D 1e rules with some tournament conventions.

    The tournament will have slots for 10 teams of 9 players each. There will only be one round on Friday night from 6-10 pm.

    Last year we had to turn away players as there were so many signed up and more waiting as standby players. This year we will have 8 game masters to run the adventure but I am looking to recruit 2 more experienced DMs as alternates. All DM's will receive a free copy of the adventure.

    Please, PM me here or message me on Facebook or just reply to this thread.

    Join us for a great adventure!

    Futures Bright,

    Paul Stormberg
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