Gary Con XII Badge Sales Open July 27, 2019

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Melf, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Melf

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    Greetings Gary Con Goers,

    I wanted to make sure to let everyone know far and wide that Badges go on sale for GC XII on July 27th at NOON Central Standard Time. Make sure to mark your calendars if you are looking for a Gold badge. I suspect they will sell out in a few minutes.


  2. Skip

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    Cross Posted from the Facebook Group

    [Caroline] sent out an email to GMs with 16+ hours with a code for badge registration. If you do not have an email within 48 hours and believe you qualify, please email: [email protected].

    If you are a special guest, volunteer or tournament winner, please hang tight! You will be getting an email within the next 7-10 days!
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  3. francisca

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    Thanks for posting this stuff here. It is much easier to find info in the forums than scrolling back through post after post of non gary con related stuff on the fb page.
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  4. Skip

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    Update to my previous post:

    GM codes have gone out. If you ran 16+ hours last year and you don't have an email with a discount/credit code email [email protected].
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  5. Melf

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    You are welcome sir. I'll aspire to keep both updated regularly!
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