Lake Geneva Legio V Events at Gary Con

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    The members of The Lake Geneva Legio V ("Legio V") are looking forward to March and the opportunity to share our passion for old school games with our fellow attendees.

    The Lake Geneva Legio V began as a handful of gamers who have attended Gary Con since its inception. We have grown to include like-minded individuals united by a respect of Gary Gygax and his legacy. We are the dedicated attendees who love Gary Con for the camaraderie it establishes, the Game Masters who run games from across the decades, and the committed gamers who spend these four days in a fervor of dice rolling and old school good times.

    Our focus is on games authored by Gary and his contemporaries as well as those systems whose designers pay homage to these pioneers. Across the 30 events we are hosting at Gary Con, we will be running D&D (Original), AD&D 1st Edition, AS&SH 2nd Edition, DCC, Stormbringer, Squad Leader, and Top Secret.

    The link below will help you find all the Legio V events offered at Gary Con this year. We look forward to hearing your dice bounding across our tables!

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