Let's talk Chainmail miniatures rules

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    Have not played a good game of Chainmail since the 1970's. The group that intro'ed me to minis, slightly pre-ODD, used a somewhat modified Chainmail. They put figures on 1" bases, and only in recent years, since reading Peterson's _Playing At The World_ & following up on sources, that I found out that the presumption is a sand table where you just stick the un-based fig into the sand. So that explains a lot about frontages and mixing figure scales & overlap concepts.

    I only find 2 threads about Chainmail, that seems very odd for such a fundamental part of the D&D experience.
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    Even though GaryCon puts some effort into highlighting old games (see the Legends of Wargaming group), most gamers are playing something new these days. That being said, there are a good amount of Chainmail games run at GaryCon every year and many of them use a sand table. If you haven't been to GaryCon yet it's a great place to get your Chainmail fix, as there is usually at least one Chainmail game running at all times during the weekend.

    I run an Eaters of the Dead game (based on the book and the 13th Warrior movie) that I designed to introduce people to the old TSR rules. Chainmail Man-to-Man rules are used for stage one, Chainmail rules are used for stage two and original edition Dungeons & Dragons rules are used for stage three. Check it out if you're attending and interested.
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