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    Greeting Seekers!

    Gary Con X was a resounding success thanks to all of you that attended and especially to our Guests, volunteers, GMs and staff. Inquiring minds want to know, so here are some facts.

    TTE tracked out total attendance as 2373! Last year we had 1716 total attendees.

    We met our table side service goals too. So a big thank you for using it.

    In the coming days we will be recuperating and begin planning Gary Con XI in earnest. Look for important dates to be published soon.


    Luke Gygax
  2. Poindexter

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    with this rate of growth it is going to get tight rather quickly...
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    That’s 38% attendance growth between IX and X. If attendance increases at the same rate. GaryCon XI will have an additional 902 attendees.

    I wonder if premium badge numbers (gold and platinum) will be increased for next year?
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  4. jim skach

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    Why on earth would you put that idea into his head? :D
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  5. diaglo

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    don't forget diamond.

    diaglo "very important gamer" Ooi

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