Ten Candles at a convention?

Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by DJZachLorton, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. DJZachLorton

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    What are the chances that you've been able to play/run Ten Candles at a gaming convention? Does Gary Con have the ability to set up games in small, private rooms that allow for the lights to be turned out?

    I would LOVE to play this game with a group of strangers, but the conventions I'm going to this year don't have small private rooms for use.
  2. mordrin

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    Don't know that particular game, but -

    Yes, GaryCon has a few small, single game rooms. They are high demand and mostly used for VIP games, though. I'm 99% sure they're booked up until late.

    Another way to get games in a quieter, more controlled setting is to schedule them in (or relocate them to) a room in the hotel. I've been a part of that at both GaryCon and Gamehole (and, lordy, the peace and quiet was a blessing).

    Failing either of those, I suspect your only other shot would be play late at night when either a single game room or maybe one of the tiny 5-table RPG rooms is vacant.
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  3. stahlnee

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    Just did some searching. Not sure how the Resort would feel about constantly setting paper on fire indoors.

    Here is a link to a youtube video on playing the game
  4. mordrin

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    Yeah, open flame's going to be frowned on at best and probably specifically prohibited by hotel rules.

    However, you can tear cards up instead of burning and use cheap LED 'candles'. Dollar stores and party supply places will often have:

    http://www.partycity.com/product/white+tealight+flameless+led+candles+12ct.do?kwid=white tealight flameless led candles 12ct&qcid=&ref=ci&extcmp=pla|Google&gclid=CLyznqid4NICFQsQgQod71MGFg

    I played in an atmospheric "in the dark" game at Nexus using these and cheap mini flashlights that worked quite well.
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  5. DJZachLorton

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    Eh . . . LED candles would take away some from the mechanic of the game. Namely, when a candle goes out, for whatever reason, the scene ends. So the candles could go out on their own, someone could accidentally snuff one out, etc. Kinds of lends to the panic of the game and the feel of what it needs.

    But yeah, I understand the idea that setting paper or index cards on fire might not be seen as a pleasant offering to the hotel gods. Might be more of an issue in a guest room than in a meeting room, but I see your point.

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