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  1. scottmaruna

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    Hi all...looking for some honest advice/information...This will be my fourth Gary Con, but I have never been there for a Wednesday for the pre-con activities...Can anyone tell me what all goes on at the Grand Geneva on a Wednesday, is it worth an extra hotel night to be there? If I had to chose to be there Wednesday evening vs. Sunday morning, which would you choose? Thanks!
  2. jim

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    At XI, there was badge pickup, a screening of Zardoz, hanging out in the bar, meeting people, and a generally high level of excitement about being at the con. Presumably several pickup games happened as well.

    Sunday morning was a lot more low-key by comparison, which isn’t a bad thing.
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  3. jim skach

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    Ahh Wednesday night. It's when you get your Sunday morning hangover started.

    Several things occur on Wednesday night. One - drinks in the bar. come on by and I'll buy you a drink. Second, the reconnect with friends. GaryCon is the genesis of so many great friendships and we often spend the first portion of Wednesday night drinking and catching up. Third, at some point people start saying things like "I came to game, motherf$%!*er - 3d6 in order!" The next thing you know, games have started; and not all of them are drinking games!

    Sunday does tend to be a nursing of hangovers, grabbing the last moments of gaming, saying goodbye...etc. Unless, of course, one stays until Monday....
  4. sir jon

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    Stay through til Monday? What dumbass does that since GCIII?
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  5. jim

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    This dumbass. I was worried about making it to MKE for a mid-day flight, so I stayed an extra day. Turns out, I wouldn't have missed anything leaving before noon on Sunday, so that's what I'll do at XII.
  6. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour

    We would miss out on the Sunday Night game. Separated temporally from the masses...
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  7. Yeah, it's kind of weird staying until Monday. By then everything has been put away and it's like the Con never happened.

    OGRE MAGE Footpad

    Wednesday night is just good clean fun. No stress of getting to your next game, or setting up your next game. It’s way better than hangover Sunday. :)
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  9. jim skach

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    I disagree, rizgard. It's the's like it used to be at the Ridge when there were only like 250 of us. Just. Gaming.
  10. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    You get an extra hour of sleep since time moves forward on March 8 instead of during GaryCon.
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  11. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    Yeah, this dumbass too. I wonder who started that tradition?
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  12. dekelia

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    GCIII was when we started staying Sunday too. I think the Ridge gave a big discount for an extra day for some reason.
  13. sd8k

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    Wednesday is great!! There is energy and excitement in the air.

    Some of my favorite Garycon memories are helping to play test and finalize a game or two.

    It’s a great opportunity to run just about any pickup game. So bring something to play.
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  14. diaglo

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    dinner with Skach happens Wednesday.
  15. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour

    The first year at the Grand I ended up with food poisoning from it!
  16. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    Diaglo is great at finding lost charge cards.
  17. gmbarry

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    Wednesday used to be FrankenParty, ended last year. They did a Pizza Party with Spotted cow beer / it was pretty good (the beer, the pizza was crap).

    We usually arrive at 3 AM and nap somewhere, then go roam around lake Geneva and take pics, head to the Rivieria ... Maybe hit Bittners, a Diner for some breakfast

    We catch up with people and offer to help carry stuff for friends into the dealer room. Lunch in the Grand Geneva

    It is a time to catch up with people you may not game with but want to see in a relaxed time... We also did a simple card game.

    I do make a list of anything I need to do or people to see before I go so I can make sure I have things to get signed, pictures I want with people and what I need to accomplish for the weekend
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  18. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    Wednesday: arrive, unload, drive to Bruno's for discounted liquor
    Sunday: finish off the discounted liquor

    Both nights involve hanging with people I generally only see at Gary Con, some for a dozen years now.
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  19. sir jon

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  20. Mitch the Bard

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    Thank you everybody - on your recommendations, I am now coming in on Wednesday :)
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