Event List Export

By popular demand, we’re now offering an export of our current and active database of Events via CSV. Some things to consider:

  • CSV stands for “Command Separated Values”.  It’s a plain text format where the data is separated into columns through the use of a delimiter — in this case a comma.  This means that, even though programs like Microsoft Excel will open the file, the file itself carries no formatting.  We can’t color code the rows and columns for you.  You’ll need to do that on your own, and you’ll need to save your changes into a format that supports your formatting (for example, in Microsoft Excel, you’d save it to XLSX or XLS format).
  • This is a full dump of the active database.  It’s live data.  If particular properties of an event have been updated since you last downloaded the file, you’ll need to download a new copy to see the updates.
  • If you have any further data column requests, please submit a request using the form at the bottom of this page.  If there are enough requests for the same sort of data, we’ll make an effort to include it.

[button link=”/get_events.php” style=”download”]Click here to download the file![/button]