Gary Con Artist Contribution

Gary Con Artist Contribution

This year the charity auction at Gary Con is benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. Some of us at Gary Con would like to organize a special contribution product from the artists at Gary Con to add to the Wounded Warrior Project.

We would like to create a small booklet of “Glen Angus style” character sheets that will be a limited print Gary Con XI special compilation. It is our desire that these be done in non-digital medium, but scanned for printing (600 DPI). If artists are not able to scan they may send the original to Matthew Teets (See below) for safe keeping and insertion into the booklet.

Character Sheet booklets will be for sale at the Gary Con booth during the convention and all proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.


Artists need to eat too – We will have a space with bid sheets to silent-auction the original artwork of the character sheets to benefit (pay) the artists directly for their work. If you wish for your piece to not be sold, it will me marked NFS but still shown, or you may also donate the original to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. There is no artist obligation with the original works and artists retain full rights to their work. Along with all this we will be listing where to find the artists, their booth numbers and information so guests may get their booklets signed and originals personalized during the con.

The original piece bidding will only happen during Gary Con booth hours and will be locked with the Gary Con booth after hours for security. bidding to end late Saturday night and pay out to artists Sunday.


We hope to have as many Gary Con guest artists contribute as possible. We reserve the right to accept or reject art / sheets based on content.

Character sheets may be for any system, fantasy race or class of your choosing. We encourage you to choose more popular systems to appeal to the most guests. These are intended to be a collection of sheets to profile the artists that Gary Con guests come to see. If you are not intimately familiar with any systems contact us below and we will provide you with some blank sheet examples.

Character sheets should be 8.5″ x 11″ with pertinent info for forms / areas legible. Art must be scanned at 600 DPI or above and we will be printing in Black & White for this project.

We sincerely hope you will consider contributing to this project and look forward to seeing you at Gary Con XI.

For more information contact Matthew Teets at [email protected] or fill out the form below.