Scott Duncan – On Gary’s Porch

July 27, 2016 Off By LMetcalf

As IFW chair at the time, I came up with the extra $35 to add to Gary’s to rent the Hall for the first GenCon (and attended). Then I made it to GenCon V a few years later. I do remember the sand table and the shoe repair “bench” in the basement.

There was the time I was there and Gary pulled out a sheet of graph paper with Ernie sitting to my right, and said he had this new game idea. It was a bit late at night but we were on the porch for an hour or so while I fumbled along drawing the hallways Gary led me through.

Then a few years before he passed, we played (as we had originally started) a war game on the porch of his home at that time…he won.
~ Scott Duncan