Statement Regarding Recent Gary Con Concerns

October 4, 2021 1 By Melf

Greetings Seekers,


I am aware that there was a link to a lawsuit involving Servotronics and the CEO, Ken Trbovich posted by people in the gaming community. I am named in the claims in the lawsuit as a director of the company.   I cannot comment publicly on these allegations.  With that said, I want to state that Ken is not associated with Gary Con and he will not be in the future.  I’d further like to clarify that Ken isn’t now and never was an owner of Gary Con. We receive some company support and these fine businesses are thanked and recognized on our website publicly.


I’ve received questions about the charitable auction.  I want to assure you that there is no intent to make the auction a revenue stream. The intent is to provide a place for the community to raise money for good causes. And the money realized is intended to go to the designated cause.  There are costs to an auction such as credit card fees, and sales tax (since Gary Con receives the money and then gives it to the cause). Over the past two years of Virtual Gary Cons, we continued donating money for Extra Life directly as a company without any auction generating funds. Giving back is something we believe in doing and are committed to as an organization. We have raised money for Wounded Warrior Project, Extra Life, James M Ward, Laura Rosloff, a Kenosha at risk teen program and others over the years.  To help ensure there are no questions going forward we will video record the auction, list items and bids, and show money actually received so all are able to see it and remove any doubts about the process.


Gary Con has grown over the past several years and it’s not possible to be everywhere at once.  It takes a dedicated team to operate a convention close to three thousand people. We established policies a few years ago to help all who come to GC understand what is expected, and what is an acceptable way to act at Gary Con events. The policies we set apply to all including volunteers and the staff members. I value Gary Con and think it creates tens of thousands of hours of joy for all that attend. I know that the hardworking GC team puts in innumerable hours all year long because they love Gary Con and it has significance for them personally.  I want to ensure that Gary Con continues to bring happiness to the world for many years to come. And I hope all of you will help the team and me as we work towards that end. If there is something you experienced at Gary Con that you think I should know about, please email me directly at [email protected].


I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in person at Gary Con XIV in Lake Geneva.




Luke Gygax

Gary Con