James M. Ward

James M. Ward

July 25, 2015 Off By Jenny Meara

Obviously, he was born, and not quite as obviously, he has lived a pleasantly long time. He married his high school sweetheart and she’s put up with him for 45 years. He has three unusually charming sons, Breck, James, and Theon. They in turn have given him six startlingly charming grandchildren, Keely, Miriam, Sophie, James Preston, Teagan, Noah.

In that same stretch of time he managed to write the first science fiction roleplaying game, Metamorphosis Alpha; he worked for TSR and did lots of D&D and AD&D things; and designed the bestselling Spell Fire and Dragon Ball Z CCGs.

He has written all manner of things that he is unusually proud of – the DRAGON LAIRDS board game, the novel Halcyon Blithe: Midshipwizard, the My Precious Present card game; and the RPG supplement Of Gods & Monsters.

Currently he is the lead architect of Irradiated Death and Destruction at Eldritch Enterprises and the go-to-guy when his sons need a babysitter.