Metcalf, Lloyd

Metcalf, Lloyd

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Art direction and Website

Lloyd Metcalf is an American illustrator, tabletop role-playing game designer, writer, and producer that is connected to much of the OSR (Old School Renaissance) gaming world. His interest in gaming started in the early 1980’s with the Dungeons & Dragons BECMI, then later Advance Dungeons & Dragons system.

Games Industry Career
In 2013 Lloyd Metcalf broke into the gaming illustration world by doing the art for Luke Gygax’s Lands of Okkorim adventure modules. After attending Gary Con V he began working for Lesser Gnome which produced Whisper & Venom followed by Death & Taxes boxed sets and numerous adventure modules compatible with the Dungeons & Dragons System.

In this same year, Metcalf also began illustrating for many of the original TSR creators and OSR indie publishers. Luke Gygax, Innercity Games, James Ward, Center Stage miniatures, Frog God Games, Pacesetter Games, ACP Games, Ernest Gygax, GP Adventures, Goodman Games are among those bearing Lloyd Metcalf artwork in publication.

By 2015 Lloyd Metcalf Inc. was formed and Fail Squad Games began operating under the Lloyd Metcalf Inc. umbrella. Fail Squad Games became the primary company producing and releasing Lloyd Metcalf titles and artwork.

Lloyd Metcalf and Fail Squad Games tabletop game titles feature – Bogey of Brindle, Brindlemarsh, Lands of Lunacy Setting, Fosc Anansi, Winter Eternal, among a continuing flow of titles that appear on the website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and sites like Drivethru RPG and others.

Convention History
Lloyd began contributing to the GaryCon art and graphic design in 2014 and was brought on staff to continue illustrating adventure modules and providing general graphic layout and design on products and signage.

By 2016 Lloyd Metcalf became the Art Director for Gary Con and was an on-staff artist for North Texas RPG Con. He soon began touring conventions and currently has been invited and accepted as a guest of honor and contributor to:

EverCon, SnowCon, TotalCon, KoboldCon, GaryCon, and North Texas RPGCon.

In 2019, also under the Lloyd Metcalf Inc. umbrella, Mr. Metcalf founded AppleCon in Cornish Maine. The first tabletop gaming focused convention of its kind in southern Maine.

Early Life
Lloyd Metcalf was born on January 12, 1971. He grew up in the Cornish and Kezar Falls area struggling to find his way as an artist from a very early age. Gaming became a solid part of adolescence and later his adult life, but art was always the constant.

His highschool art department had to create an extra level art class to accommodate his interest and time spent in the art room during off-class and study hall hours. During these years it was the AD&D game books and the art that drew his imagination and fueled the quest to work in the field.

At 40 he returned to school at Southern Maine Community College to study Communications & New Media. A short time later he returned to pursue art studies and expand his ability in the gaming industry,