The Tournament Winners are in!

April 1, 2022 0 By Josh Popp

There are many tournaments that run at Gary Con.  Two of these are the Legends of Roleplaying Tournament (LoRPT) and The Gary Con Open Tournament (GCOT).  Winners receive Silver badges for GC XV.

Legends of Roleplaying Tournament

Paul Stormberg organizes the LoRPT and this year and here’s his and the GMs report:

The winning team (#2) did remarkably well and won by excellent play. Here is what their very experienced DM, an event coordinator for RPGs at Gen Con, Origins, Pax Unplugged and others, wrote of their play:

“The players came to this game to win. They told me after the game they spent weeks prepping for the game as best they could and pulled spreadsheets together of who was most comfortable running what class and what have you so that when they got to the table, they would not waste much time sorting out character sheets. They made tactical use of spells like fly, augury (they used this to suss out the two side entrances, and helped them determine there was a third), […] and so on to circumvent traps. [According to the DM they also used a dead body of a cultist, throwing it ahead of them to spring some of the traps. Grim but effective!] Probably the best use of a spell was gust of wind at the last hall. The dust they were stirring up was passing through the walls and some of the characters who were thinking it was an illusion [spotted] it. From there it was a very tactical combat against the mummies and then on to Ra-Hotep. It was a big fight against him, but they simply overpowered him through strength of numbers and some critical initiative wins. These guys were so on point and fun to play with I would run a game for them any time.”

So without further ado, here are the Gary Con XIV Legends of Roleplaying Tournament Champions:

Brett Felion

Charles Edge

Chip Pearson

Curtis Cable

Dan Berube

John Cammarata

Mark Merida

Matthew Raskin

Troy Marcotte

More on the results Legends of Roleplaying Tournament can be found here:

Gary Con Open Tournament

Jon Johnson organizes the GCOT and this year the adventure was called The Hoard.  You can purchase this now at DriveThruRPG:

The winning team was Team 1, which was GMed by Rick Winslow:

George Cline

Eirin Larsen

Andrew Van Hooreweghe

Noah Steinberg

Christopher Clemens

Ken Oswald

Chris Nicholson

If you’d like to become a Tournament GM or learn how to play in the Tournaments, contact their organizer or Gary Con Customer Service ([email protected]).  If you have a multi-table tournament you’d like to start offering some rewards for winning, contact [email protected] with your proposal.

Congratulations to the winners.  You’ll be mailed your badge code sometime before badge sales open up.