Gary Con

March 8th - 11th, 2018

Jeff Butler


Jeff Butler was born in Madison Wisconsin. He is an American illustrator and comic book artist. Butler worked for TSR, in the art department for 5 years, illustrating products for D&D, and Marvel Super Heroes, Dragonlance novels, and other projects.

Notable works after leaving TSR in 1989 include the Green Hornet, Godzilla, Hercules, Xena, Jurassic Park, and his Hercules drawings appeared in 1996 issue of TV guide. Butler joined Raven software art staff in 1997- as the 2d art lead on Heretic 2. He also worked on games such Soldier of Fortune, and Star Trek Elite Force.

Butler, has been part of the Art Team for Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 Jedi outcast, X-men legends, X-men legends 2: Rise of apocalypse, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and has been part of the core team for X-men Origins Wolverine & Wolfenstein.

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