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As Gary Con approaches, you are probably hoping to procure a booth in the Exhibit Hall as a vendor for next year. We have tried to compile this helpful page to guide you!

Setup Times

Exhibitor setup at the Forum is scheduled to start on:

Wednesday, March 19, 2025, at 8am (Central Time)

We will lockup the Forum at 10pm that evening. Setup will continue starting at 7am on Thursday.  Please keep in mind that VIG/VIP guests will be allowed early access to the Exhibit Hall at 9am on Thursday morning.

Loading In

On Wednesday, you can park in the lot to bring stuff down the ramp and through the doors (time TBD) or use the roll-up door (time TBD). The roll-up doors are not connected to the lot, so you will have to go back to the main road and enter on the side of the Forum (marked in red on the map, but may be hard to see).



When you are finished loading in, please move any vehicles and/or trailers you won’t be using during the convention to either the Airport parking lot or the back of the Chalet parking lot. Parking by the Forum is a premium and we would like to ensure guests are able to have appropriate parking available.


When it has been coordinated, you can find your booth by going to:

TTE site –> Exhibitor/Sponsor –> Available Booths

Exhibitor Badges

On Wednesday, the hours are TBD for when we will have Exhibitor Badges in the Forum. After Wednesday, you will need to go to the Registration/Help Desk to pick up Exhibitor Badges.

**Make sure your Exhibitor Badge(s) look correct on the TTE convention site!**

Attendees with Exhibitor Badges are able to access the Forum during the following hours:

  • TBD

*We will close the Exhibit Hall to guests Sunday afternoon.

Convention Hours

Specifically, Exhibit Hall hours for the guests can be found at our Convention Hours webpage.

Shipping to/from the Convention

Shipping information coming soon!

Getting Help

If you have any issues, resources available in the Exhibit Hall include the Forum Captain, the volunteers at the Gary Con Merch Booth (who may be able to help locate the Forum Captain), and the Dock Master (during Wednesday setup).

You may join our Gary Con Discord Server to use the Help Desk channel as a quick and convenient tool to help route inquiries and resolve issues. 

If you need to reach someone during the convention, you can e-mail [email protected] AND [email protected], either of which should be able to route you to someone equipped to assist you as needed.