Gary Con

March 8th - 11th, 2018

Merle Rasmussen


Merle’s worlds include science fiction, fantasy, old west, and espionage role playing.

In 2017, RG1: Rasmussen’s Guide: A Science Fiction Supplement for Any System by Nomad Gaming will include statistics, short stories, and adventures.
A portion of “New Profession Paths” for Aces and Eights® Shattered Frontiers appeared in Knights of the Dinner Table® Magazine Issue #234 by Kenzer and Company.
The Pantheon Series P3 OPERATION: RENDEZVOUS OASIS for TOP SECRET® Espionage Role Playing Game by TSR, Inc. is now in print.

Merle will be play testing mission modules for CODE NAME: ACRID HERALD 21st Century Espionage and Covert Operations Role-Playing System by TSR, Inc.

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