Gary Con

March 8th - 11th, 2018

Skip Williams

Skip Williams is happy to return once again to his hometown of Lake Geneva for Gary Con.

Skip has numerous role-playing game credits, most notably as co-author of the D&D 3rd Edition game. He’s recently published work through Goodman Games, Schwalb Entertainment, and Hammerdog Games. When not contriving dire plots to bedevil role-players, Skip putters in his vegetable garden and orchard (which keep many deer and rabbits fed), and works to reclaim the fields around the farmhouse he shares with Penny, his wife, from the obstinate weeds that blanket them. He also paints miniature figures.

These days, the Williams house is located in western Wisconsin, where it remains the site of an annual Christmas cookie bake that draws friends from both sides of the Atlantic; it’s also the permanent home to an ever-growing pride of unruly house cats.

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