Gary Con

March 8th - 11th, 2018

Tom Wham


Tom Wham is best known for creating whimsical board games that feature his unique artwork. However his first design credit is actually a miniatures wargame titled “Ironclad” with Don Lowry in 1973. Tom worked for Guidon Games when Gary Gygax asked him to run the auction at Gen Con IV. A few years later, in 1977 Tom came to work at TSR, Inc. Tom held many positions with TSR over the years from general office support to manager of the Dungeon Hobby Shop. He contributed to many projects, including artwork for the AD&D Monsters manual and published several games in The Dragon magazine.

His game design credits include; Snit Smashing, Snit’s Revenge, Awful green things from outer space, King’s & thing’s , Dragon Lairds with James M. Ward (a game much enjoyed by Gary, Ernie, and Luke Gygax) and most recently Feudality.

Tom Wham served honorably in the United States navy for four years. He is a Vietnam veteran that served aboard a communications vessel in the gulf of Tonkin. After many years as informational technology specialist at the Lake Geneva library, he retired in 2003. Tom continues to design games today.

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