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GC XI Volunteer

So, you want to volunteer to help at Gary Con XI? The site to sign up for jobs at Gary Con XI is now open. Open jobs include: Set-Up -Tue. March 5th, Wed. March 6th   (Stuffing swag bags, general set-up for the con), Swag Sales – Wed. thru Sun    (Selling con merchandise at our hallway…

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GC XI Event Submissions Round 2

Our Event Managers, Dave Conant and Skip Williams, have been hard at work scheduling all of the various and myriad events happening at Gary Con XI.  The good news is we still have a few tables available and, in the spirit of more gaming is better, we will reopen event submissions January 14th, 2019 at…

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GCXI Charity Auction

Greetings Seekers! Gary Con is less than 2 months away!  We are very excited for our eleventh year celebrating the life and works of Gary Gygax.  As you read through the events and select what great games and interesting panels you will go to, please don’t forget about the Gary Con Charity Auction. The auction…

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Badge Pre-Registration

Badge Pre-registration for Gary Con XI opens on Saturday July 28th, 2018 at Noon CST!  You are invited to join the Gygax Family as they celebrate the life of their Dad and the Father of Role Playing Gaming, Gary Gygax. Gary Con X was amazing, but 2019 promises to be packed with even more gaming…

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Gary Con Bazaar Re-opening

Shopping the Bazaar Lloyd & Mike are working diligently to reopen the bazaar and take inventory of what’s available form past cons and general swag and merchandise. While we work through numbers and shipping logistics items will slowly emerge as they filter through what is on hand. Almost all of these items are limited edition,…

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Event Submission and GM Rewards

Event Submission and GM Rewards are coming! To be sure you are ready, you may wish to review the Event Submission and the GM Rewards page to help plan your games and events for The up-coming Gary Con. Some things have changed and evolved, so it’s good to be on top of how everything works.…

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Stream of Many Eyes Event

 Gary Con Notables Attending Wizards “Stream of Many Eyes” Event Wizards of the Coast is holding a massive streaming event June 1-3, 2018 to unveil their newest product, “Waterdeep Dragon Heist”. Several authors, designers and community influencers will be there streaming live events, displaying new products, gaming and generally having a good time.  Amongst the…

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Last Chance Weekend!

Gary Con Badge & Event Registration Reopen! We will keep Event Registration open through the weekend and Badge Sales will stay open all the way through the convention. So if you need to pre-Reg or haven’t got your badge, you have a reprieve. (Tabletop.Events is an amazing system!) Click here to go to Tabletop events…

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The Bazaar

The Gary Con online Bazaar is now closed so that we can prep for the convention. You will be able to find all your favorite GC swag & gear at the Gary Con table in the vendor hall! We will reopen after the con and we do a full inventory.

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Event Pre-Registration CLOSING!

Greetings Gary Con Attendees, Gary Con X is only days away and we need to close event preregistration in order to print all the player and GM sheets.  Preregistration will end on Sunday, February 18th 2018 at 9 pm CST.  Please make sure to complete your event selection prior to that date and time. If…

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