Trying to get a hold of someone at Gary Con?  Look no further!

Email Contacts

If you have a question regarding the technical aspects of badge registration, such as an error message or how to create an account, please contact [email protected]

For questions regarding event submission or being a GM, please contact [email protected]

For info regarding the TTE system, you can use their chat box to contact a Gary Con administrator. This will simply link to the events @ and registration@ emails, but is more convenient sometimes.

If you are interested in volunteering or have not received your volunteer badge reimbursement from last years work, please contact [email protected]

For info regarding the Bazaar, our online marketplace for Gary Con Merch, or orders placed through the bazaar, please contact [email protected]

For info on becoming a vendor, sponsoring Gary Con in any way, advertising space or licensing our logo, please contact [email protected]

If you purchase a VIG Badge (platinum or diamond) or are an Honored/Featured guests with a question regarding your badge, account or benefits, please contact [email protected]

If you encounter a problem using our website or forums, please contact [email protected]. Response times for this email are longer than usual, so please allow 5-7 days for reply.


For general customer service inquiries or anything not previously mentioned, please contact [email protected]

We will attempt to answer all inquiries within 24-48 hours, but due to the influx we experience during registration and event submission, please be forgiving and understand that we are all volunteer staff members with other obligations that sometimes conflict with our ability to quickly respond, especially on weekdays. Many questions can be answered on our website or by posting in the Facebook group, "Gary Con", so I encourage the use of these resources!


Social Media

The Gary Con Staff, Volunteers, and Community are on a variety of social media and other spots.  The best way to get some attention there is to join the Facebook Group and Discord.


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