This year we are pleased to host the following exhibitors at Gary Con X!

Adam’s Apple Games -The Annex Booth 212 – Adam’s Apple Games creates the new-age American Dream in a board game box. Our two published games let you open a brewery and run a food truck business. In Brewin’ USA, you compete to become the best craft brewery in the nation. In Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy, you compete to become the best food truck in the city. Check out the booth for a demo, to buy a copy, or to see what new projects we have brewing.



ArmorClass10 – The Annex Booth 209 & 211 –  ArmorClass10.com makes and sells shirts aimed squarely at the RPG and table-top gaming crowd. We do shirts for gamers, by gamers. Don’t dress like an NPC. ArmorClass10.com




Art By Pete – Artists’ Alcove Booth 302 -Hi, I’m Dave Peterson aka Art By Pete. I’ve been doing artwork for the gaming industry since 1999. Some of the companies that I have worked for are, Fireside Creations, Inner City Game Designs, Eldritch Enterprises, and others. I do inked artwork for the interiors of games and character drawings. Come by my booth and see my work.



Art of Charles Urbach – Grand Ballroom Booth 129 & 130 – Artwork, greeting cards, mouse pads, games, and gaming supplies featuring the art of colored pencil illustrator, Charles Urbach. Detailed, traditionally styled imagery from fantasy, sci-fi, and many other genres.




Axe N Shield – Grand Ballroom Booth 137 – We are a Table Top RPG Gaming Gear Manufacturer. We specifically produce 3D Combat Risers for multi and single flyers (both PC and NPC – players and DM’s) as well as AOE Spell Templates. We are continuing to develop and add to our product offerings on a regular basis. We love the TT RPG community.



Badger Games LLC – Grand Ballroom Booth 125 & 126 – Badger Games LLC is a supplier of miniatures for use in historical, Sci-Fi, fantasy and role play gaming.





Black Blade Publishing – Grand Ballroom Booth 115 & 116 – Black Blade Publishing publishes and promotes old school games and game products. Our products are usable with all pre-1986 fantasy role-playing games and their modern clones. In particular, our adventures are suitable for advanced FRPG rule systems.




Brent Chumley Art & Design – Artists’ Alcove Booth 304 – I have been a professional illustrator/graphic designer/photographer for over 20 years, 16 of which in the gaming industry. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and additional training from the Center for Advanced Design at St. Louis Community College at Meramec. I have produced art for a plethora of companies and brands including Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Legend of the Five Rings, Doomtown, Metal Magic and Lore, and my own new IP called Dragonverses®

BRW Games – Grand Ballroom Booth 138 – BRW Games publishes old-school tabletop games, adventures, and supplements including Castle of the Mad Archmage™ and Adventures Dark and Deep™. We also carry a select line of other publishers’ games, accessories, and miniatures. Visit us at www.brwgames.com.




CaveGeek – Grand Ballroom Booth 151 – Artist and craftsman Kfir Mendel, the “Cave Geek”, creates primitive-inspired pop culture and historical art. His pyrographic work depicts famous maps and characters from beloved novels, video games, or movies that get burned onto hand-tanned buckskin in a hybrid technique of traditional drawing and sculpting. Each work of art is hand painted with natural pigments using prehistoric tools, like a quill or a piece of bone. The Cave Geek’s work is truly unique! Be sure to find him at the con to experience it first hand.



Chimera Hobby Shop, Inc – Grand Ballroom Booth 112, 113 & 114 – Chimera Hobby Shop specializes in family games, toys, puzzles, board games, t-shirts, card games, comic book trade paperbacks, and a huge selection of Melissa & Doug for the kids.




Darlene – Artist Alcove Booth 308 – I started my art career in the early 1980s as the first female Fantasy Artist for the D&D and the RPG (Role-playing Games) genre. I’m a Renaissance woman–capable of different forms of artistic expression. During the last 20 years, I’ve placed my artistic focus on creating beautiful spiritual art in the realm of the sacred for the purpose of meditation and individual empowerment. It’s my contribution to the human condition.




Die Cast Games – Grand Ballroom booth 135 & 136 – Here you can find out-of-print and rare Dungeons & Dragons, RPG’s, War Games, Board Games, Miniatures Games and much more! We even publish new adventures and accessories for use with Fantasy Role-Playing game systems.




Diesel LaForce – Artist Alcove booth 311 – David S. LaForce is one of the first generation artist for Dungeons & Dragons. LaForce started his career in 1979 with TSR where he was initially hired in the shipping department. Catching the eye of David Sutherland, (head of TSR’s art department) who had him submit some sample drawings. Two of the three samples were bought and used for the Dungeon Master’s Guide. LaForce was hired by the art department where he remained until 1998. One of his first assignments was “C1: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachin.” Many of his illustrations can be seen in the first Dungeons & Dragons manuals. LaForce’s love of historical map cartography can be depicted in the designs he has created in Dragonlance, Birthright and Dark Sun.

Fun Fact: Laforce earned the nickname “Diesel” at TSR. This came about because there was several individuals named David that worked there at that time and Mike Carr happened to notice that LaForce was signing his artwork with his initials “DSL”. Slurring the letters together made the word “Diesel.”

Dueling Dragons Designs – Grand Ballroom booth 127 & 128 – A collaboration of art with a variety of uniquely sculpted and painted creations created by David Lee Pancake and Lisa Sell.

David Lee Pancake’s sculptures and illustrations grace homes and business all over the world. He has illustrated book covers, magazines, websites and games for a variety of clients. He pursues a wide variety of subject matter that includes dragons, superheroes, risqué angels, abstracts and horror sculptures and paintings.  http://www.davidleepancake.com

Lisa Sell is a detail oriented artist who had worked in multiple mediums and forms of art in 2D and 3D specializing in fantasy based subject matter. https://www.etsy.com/shop/LisaSell

Doug Kovacs – Artist Alcove booth 301 – Doug Kovacs grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, playing with Star Wars figures, then GI-Joe, and later graduating to Dungeons and Dragons and other RPGs (which he continues to play to this day). He has worked on varied projects including, interior mural painting, collectible trading card illustration, role playing game illustration, concept art, T-shirt design, and for many clients, both public and private. He continues broadening the number of subjects he’s illustrated and narrowing his own visual language in images that he believes would never come into existence without the application of his own personal gumption.



Dwarven Woodworking – Grand Ballroom booth 149 – I do laser etching on glass, acrylic, wood, and leather. If you want something done let me know and I will see if I can get it done.




Edge Comics & Games – Grand Ballroom booth 134 – Edge Comics & Games is a great local business since 2009, Mark the owner has been in the business since his early days, having his first store in Sacramento CA. We deal with out of print and hard to find books, games and comics.




Effincool Miniatures – Grand Ballroom booth 143 – We are a small Ohio based miniatures production facility. We do 3-d modelling and printing, as well as mold making and casting in white metal and resin. We are licensed to produce miniatures for Metamorphosis Alpha, Kobold Press and Fifth Wall Fantasy with Jennell Jaquays. In addition to that we design for our own product lines as well.




Etched It Designs – Grand Ballroom booth 144 – Etched It creates custom gaming boxes, gifts and geekery. We specialize in dice boxes and the original Dice Dungeon for misbehaving dice. We carry vinyl decals and a variety of gaming based lasered items. http://www.instagram.com/etcheditdesigns




Fail Squad Games – Grand Ballroom booth 145 –  Let’s get ready to FUMBLE! Tabletop RPG game design, supplements, art & illustration. Classic games created from the ground up with Lloyd Metcalf at the helm. If you have to fail, fail forward. http://FailSquadGames.com





Fearlight Games – Grand Ballroom booth 133 – Fearlight Games publishes Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes and Hood: Swashbuckling Adventures in Sherwood. Play as Victorian investigators solving cases for Dr. Watson in Baker Street or as one of Robin’s Merry Men thwarting the Sheriff of Nottingham.




Fire Side Creations – Grand Ballroom booth 152 – Fireside Creations produces The Lost 77 Worlds Post Apocalyptic RPG and Dragonscales FRPG by James M. Ward as well as Mutazoids, Metamorphosis Alpha CS Bonnie Brown, and other standalone books and Anthologies.




Frog God Games – Grand Ballroom booth 119 & 120 – We consist of old grognard gamers, including a brilliant layout guy, and a cartographer who was not even a gamer when we recruited him. We have more than a few writing credits to our name, and have decided after dealing with publishers, printers and middlemen to head off on our own and make some books. We have developed friendships with, and worked with the best and most famous writers in the industry. We are the real deal.




Gargoyle Forge – Grand Ballroom booth 104 – We are proud to be at GaryCon X, with our full line of DungeonDwellers™ and DystopicDwellers™ LARP and cosplay props! Come check us out, and celebrate the origins of the gaming hobby in the cradle of its US inception!

Can’t wait to share our work and play with you all there!



Goodman Games – Grand Ballroom booth 107 & 108 – Goodman Games is the publisher of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG (DCC), one of the most popular independent fantasy role-playing game systems to come out in the last five years. DCC is in its fourth printing and is supported by more than 60 adventure modules.

In addition to DCC, Goodman Games also publishes X-Crawl and a new game called Mutant Crawl Classics. Additionally, Goodman Games republished the First Edition Metamorphosis Alpha Deluxe Collector’s Edition of the first science fiction role-playing game, authored by James M. Ward.

Also working with industry legend Judges Guild, Goodman Games has brought several classic Judges Guild adventures back into print and at the same time preserving some of that Judges Guild legacy with the Judges Guild Collector’s Archive.

Halsbren Publishing LLC – Annex booth 210 –  Halsbren Publishing LLC. is a young publishing company committed to delivering exceptional and entertaining fantasy novels to all ages. Our fantasy novels range from epic fantasy, to urban fantasy, all the way to gritty magical realism.

Halsbren Publishing LLC. is also now publishing role-playing game adventure modules as well. They can be found in a variety of gaming formats for everyone to enjoy.



Hammered Game Tables – Grand Ballroom booth 140 – Everyone has a place at our table. We are a Wisconsin based, family owned company. We provid fully modular, expandable game tables, and have been doing custom wood design since 2004. A medieval style table that can handle everything from War games and D&D to Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family.



Hrothgar’s Hoard – Grand Ballroom booths 123 & 124 – Hrothgar’s Hoard is an industry leader in making gaming accessories in both domestic and exotic hardwoods. Showcase your favorite miniatures and dice in custom made boxes designed to enhance the beauty of the wood and your special accessories.

Hrothgar’s Hoard has completed several Kickstarter projects allowing the craftsman to get input from gamers like you on improving and enhancing the cases. The complete line of cases include the WIZARD dice towers, PRIEST and ROGUE miniature cases, MONK dice cases, BARD combination cases, and RANGER dice trays.



Inkwell Ideas – Grand Ballroom booth 142 – Creators of Hexographer, Dungeonographer, Cityographer, and Worldographer as well as DungeonMorphs, Sidequest Decks and more.




Inner City Games Designs – Grand Ballroom booth 148 – We make board, miniature AND role playing games. Best known for Fuzzy Heroes, we also make board games like Gigantic and Crouching Hamster, Hidden Translation, miniatures game like our best-selling War PIGs line, and role playing supplements like A Challenge of Arm’s, Ritual of the Golden Eyes, and the Lands of Igpay series of adventure modules. We might just be the biggest tiny little company in Wisconsin.




Iron Wind Metals – Grand Ballroom booth 105 – Iron Wind Metals rose from the ashes of Ral Partha and continues the Partha tradition of finely crafted pewter miniatures – BattleTech, Chaos Wars, RP Fantasy, Hackmaster, and more.




Jeff Butler – Artist Alcove booth 309 – 





Jeff Easley – Artist Alcove booth 307 – Jeff Easley was born in Nicholasville, Kentucky in 1954. He had an early interest in art, especially when it had a fantastic element. To say he is a huge Frank Frazetta fan is an understatement. He graduated from Murray State University in 1977. He had a brief fling at freelancing that resulted in a few projects with Warren Publishing and Marvel comics. In 1982 he had the opportunity to join the art staff at TSR Inc. which was starting to hit their stride with their Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. It is said that the amazing artwork of Jeff Easley, Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson and Clyde Caldwell helped propel Advanced Dungeons and Dragons to new heights in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. During his 20+ year tenure at TSR/WOTC Jeff did many rulebook, boxed set, and module covers for all of TSR’s gaming worlds including the iconic 1st Edition AD&D hard covers and then all of the 2nd Edition core hard cover rule books. In addition, Jeff was responsible for many famous Dragonlance and Drizzt paintings. Afer parting ways with WOTC in 2003, Jeff found himself freelancing once again,and is currently producing art for various companies and individuals.

Kobold Press – Annex booth 208 – A small but fierce crew from Seattle, Kobold Press publishes the Midgard Campaign Setting, the Warlock Patreon, and adventures and supplements galore for 5th Edition D&D, from the Tome of Beasts to Tyranny of Dragons and the Heroes Handbook. Its contributors include ex-TSR staffers such as Wolfgang Baur, Kim Mohan, Steve Winter, and others.



Larry Elmore – Artist’s Alcove booth 310&312 – Larry was an iconic illustrator for TSR from 1981-1987. Since 1987, I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator, creating covers for comics, computer games, magazines, fantasy and science fiction books and many other projects. I have worked for other publishers such as BAEN books, Bantam, Warner Books, ACE/Berkley, Doubleday, and Del Rey. I am also the co-author of Runes of Autumn and creator of the Sovereign Stone series. In the gaming and comic industries, I have freelanced for TSR, Inc, FASA, Mayfair Games, Game Designer’s Workshop, White Wolf, Iron Crown Enterprises, Dragon Magazine, Amazing Magazine, Wizard Press, D. C. Comics, First Comics, Eclipse Comics and Frank Frazetta’s Fantasy Illustrated. Miscellaneous credits include LJN Toys, Mattel, Lucas Films, Tonka, Monogram Models, Western Publishing, Sony Entertainment’s EverQuest, and various computer game covers.


Mythoard – Grand Ballroom booth 131 & 132 – Dedicated to old school roleplaying games, the Mythoard monthly subscription box is a curated collection of RPG books, accessories, dice, scenarios, maps, and collectibles that will enhance your game table. We also offer sister crates including the Cthulhu Crate, the Tenkars Tavern Crate, the 5e Crate, the Dragon Terrain Crate, and the Dwarven Dice Crate. We are certain that you fill find a crate that matches your interest. Subscription members will have access to members only events and if you are a subscriber we have free gifts for you at our booth. come on by and grab your loot!



Northwind Adventures – Grand Ballroom booth 117 – North Wind Adventures is the publisher Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea, a role-playing game of swords, sorcery, and weird fantasy. AS&SH was created by Jeffrey Talanian (Castle Zagyg). It was published in 2012, and it has been nominated for several ENie awards (Best Game, Best Production Values, Product of the Year).




OffWorld Designs, Inc. – The Annex booth 202 & 204 – We design and produce original t-shirt designs in house. Everything from Gaming, Humor, Fantasy, and Anime. We have licensed shirts from Catan Studio, Paizo (Pathfinder & Starfinder), Privateer Press and more.




Pacesetter Games & Simulations – Grand Ballroom booth 109 & 110 – Pacesetter produces the newest in old school adventures for your AD&D, Swords & Wizardry, DCC RPG, and D&D 5e games. We have also acquired a full miniatures company and have the finest miniatures for your classic fantasy RPGs.




Pegasus Publishing The Annex booth 201 & 203 – Serving Fandom since 1979, Pegasus Publishing carries the widest selection of T-shirts to fit every fan’s tastes.





Pick Up & Go Games – Grand Ballroom booth 141 – Pick Up & Go Games was founded on the principle that _Simpler is Better_. Every member of the team has decades of gaming experience, and we’ve all found one thing to be consistently true: You don’t need inches-thick rule books to have fun. Our tabletop roleplaying and card games are easy to learn and provide hours of fun.




Printable Scenery – Annex booth 205 – Printable Scenery is a 3D design studio led by Matt Barker. Their innovative ideas and 3D designs provide 3D printable models to the hobby and tabletop game market. Operating from New Zealand, Printable Scenery has led a revolution in the tabletop game marketplace. With 4 successful crowdfunding campaigns and world wide acclaim and success.




Prolific Games – Grand Ballroom booth 111 – Prolific Games is out to make the world a better place (or conquer it) with fast and fun board games





Role 4 Initiative – LLC Grand Ballroom booth 150 – Role 4 Initiative is a family-run developer and manufacturer of tabletop gaming accessories, including polyhedral dice, dice towers, dry-erase dungeon tiles, dungeon dressing, and miniatures.




RPG Coasters / Ingram Woodworking – Grand Ballroom booth 139 – Hardwood tabletop gaming accessories. All CNC routed and crafted near Madison, WI. Hardwood drink coasters, dice boxes and wall art.




RPG Crate – Grand Ballroom booth 121 – Fantastic Tabletop Roleplaying loot delivered right to your castle steps! Members will receive a monthly RPG Crate which may include up to a dozen different products; full modules, shirts, maps, dice, miniatures, exclusive adventure settings, and other game treasures.




Savage Creations Grand Ballroom booth 122 – Custom wood carvings, castings, pens leather dice bags and other cool gaming items.





Spellbinders – Grand Ballroom booth 103 – Spellbinders was previously a brick and mortar store for 22 years, now sometimes reopening somewhere during the Christmas season. We published Paul Burdick’s Castle Thrax and Tom Moldvay’s The Future King. We join you at shows with an eclectic line of retro first edition D&D, miniatures, jewelry and dice. If you have any problem with one of our products, contact me on my private cell, 330.289.0013, and we fix it, guaranteed.




Studio 6d6 – Grand Ballroom booth 106 & 147 – Studio 6d6 is a workshop and gallery founded by artist Andy “Cosmo Joe” Watkins with the purpose of creating custom game tables, designer dice, and other great products for the hobby gaming community.




Terry Pavlet – Artists Alcove booth 303 – Terry Pavlet was first published at age 14 by TSR. He graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with BFA’s in Illustration, Graphic Design and Advertising, and now freelances as Haus of Design, undertaking Illustration and Graphic Design, in comics, RPG, logos, etc. He has created works for publications such as Print Magazine, The Society of Illustrators Annual, and The Art of H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos among others. His clientele have included Disney, Image comics, Wizard of the Coast, Miller Brewing, Ballentine Books, etc. Over the years he has received numerous awards from Gaming, Sci-fi and Fantasy Conventions, Best of Show, Best Media, Best Fantasy, etc. Lives in Wisconsin with his wife and two daughters, and still loves what he does for a living.



Thompson Productions L.L.C – Annex booth 207 – Thompson Prodctions L.L.C. publishes the Dragonfire Dice line. We also carry prepainted gaming miniatures and a wide variety of gaming products.




Tony Szczudlo – Artist Alcove booth 305 – Tony Szczudlo graduated from the American Academy of Art in 1989. From there, stippled his way into the commercial field working for a few Chicago agencies. He has been doing fantasy art since 1990 and started freelancing for FASA in 1991. His first painting for publication was in 1992 for FASA’s Jake Falcon Sourcebook. He was hired as a full time illustrator for FASA in the fall of 1992. His work can be found in Shadowrun, MechWarrior, and EarthDawn. He was hired as a full-time artist with TSR and later was hired by the Wizards of the Coast as a artist for Magic and the Harry Potter card games. He might be best known for his covers for Birthright (D&D). His current projects are Fall of Man and The Awakened RPG for Samurai Sheepdog, and the cover for book II of The Awakened anthology and most recently as the cover artist for TPK Games upcoming Kickstarter.


Total Party Kill Games – Grand Ballroom booth 118 – Total Party Kill Games are publishers of card and tabletop roleplaying and card games. We publish thrilling sourcebooks and adventures for the Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and Savage Worlds RPGs along with publishing our own popular party card games and unofficial expansions for Cards Against Humanity.




Troll Lord Games – Grand Ballroom booth 101 & 102 – Plunge into worlds of fantastic adventure where dragons lie and the undead stalk the shades of your mind’s imagines, where creatures of legend plunder wealth through the horror of their passage. Monsters grim and foul hold the ecstasy of gold and the renown of glory.




Why Not Games – Annex booth 206 – We publish the award winning retro-future pulp sci-fi Rocket Age PRG as well as the Weird Races (5e) series featuring Caturday, Surial, and more.