Gary Con Merchandise

Get Your Gary Con Swag Here

We have made most of our merchandise available through Printful, a third party print on demand service, in order to be more responsive to orders.  So look for items in the "Printful" category or marked with (PF) in the title.  When you make an order here the items will be fulfilled directly.  That helps relieve the workload on Mike who has to fill all the orders after his day job for all the items in the warehouse.  So its a win-win for all.  More cool Gary Con stuff to choose from and Mike Noe gets to go home before 10pm at night.


We do have a few custom items that we can still ship from the warehouse in Ohio to meet your needs- like  some dice, patches and enamel pins.  So browse through our wares and get what you need.  Note, Due to current world conditions, international shipping rates have increased. For this reason, international orders from OUR Warehouse will have a minimum of $75 in shipping fees.  Our third party vendors that ship from different locations may have lower charges.