Desanto, Tom

November 28, 2017 Off By Lloyd Metcalf

Tom DeSanto is a founding writer/producer behind some of the biggest franchises in movie history (X-Men, Transformers). DeSanto’s films have grossed more than $3.3 billion dollars worldwide with a per film average of more than $550 million at the box office, in addition to billions more in merchandising. The proud owner of more than 30,000 comic books and a self-described pop culture junkie, DeSanto dreamed of bringing the characters he loved as a kid to life in Hollywood. X-Men was first on his list and besides producing, DeSanto co-wrote the story. DeSanto brought the property to director Bryan Singer and spawned a billion dollar franchise for Fox and started Marvel’s rise out of bankruptcy.

After the success of X-Men, DeSanto pulled another undervalued property, Battlestar Galactica out of mothballs and developed Galactica for Universal Television. Battlestar Galactica found a home on Sci-Fi Channel and was the number one rated mini-series of 2003 for all of cable. Many of DeSanto’s ideas and designs made it into the show including human Cylons, female president, and the new Vipers.

Tom is also an avid gamer that grew up playing D&D.  He is working with Gary’s family to bring Gary’s IP to the world in new ways to introduce the genius of imagination to the next generation.