Event Registration

Event Registration

Gary Con Event Registration

Event Registration starts at the dates and times below according to badge level:

  • Ethereal Badges: 8 PM CDT, March 17th, 2021
  • Astral Badges: Noon CST, March 13th, 2021
  • Elemental Badges: 8 PM CST, March 9th, 2021

We are using TableTop Events to host badge and event registration. They have an easy to use system that is sure to provide an improved registration process for everyone.

Event Submission Begins July 27th, 2020 for Gary Con XIII- so buy a badge and submit your events!

Shortly after event submission closes, our staff will create the online event catalog and announce Event Registration for attendees where you can reserve your seat at the various events and tables. We typically close event submission near the end of the calendar year.


When you arrive at Gary Con we shift to an Open Marshaling system. A green table sign means they are seeking players and a red sign denotes the table is full. Please note that most VIP events sell out very quickly during online registration and finding an open seat at one of these events at the Con is rarer than an albino dragon.

Open Gaming:

Gary Con has 24-hour gaming access at the convention center from Thursday 7 a.m. to Sunday 4pm. In addition to the scheduled events, many tables will be reserved for Open Gaming where you are free to find an open table or seat to run or play your own unplanned event.

Event Types:

Gary Con was started to celebrate the life of Gary Gygax, so many of the events are Old School games— in a few cases your DM may be the original author or designer! However, any type of game is welcome: board games, card games, miniature war games, pen & paper RPGs, etc. At any given table you’ll find any and all versions of Dungeons & Dragons and its progeny, cyberpunk heists, ships-of-the-line bombarding each other, car and chariot racing, Allies storming the Normandy beaches, jousting knights, or space marines desperately fighting off xenomorphs.