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Event Registration

Event Ticket Sales

Gary Con was started to celebrate the life of Gary Gygax, so many of the events are Old School games—in a few cases your DM may be the original author or designer of the game you’re playing! However, any type of game is welcome: board games, card games, miniature war games, pen & paper RPGs, etc. At any given table you’ll find any and all versions of Dungeons & Dragons and its progeny, cyberpunk heists, ships-of-the-line bombarding each other, car and chariot racing, Allies storming the Normandy beaches, jousting knights, or space marines desperately fighting off xenomorphs.

Be prepared to try to get into the events you most want as soon as registration opens when “ticket sales” begin. Certain games will be highly sought and are very competitive and difficult to lock-down.

We use TableTop.Events (TTE) to host badge and event registration. They have an easy-to-use system that should provide an improved registration process for everyone.

Shortly after event submission closes, our staff will work diligently to create the online event catalog and announce Event Registration for attendees, when you can reserve your seat at the various events and tables. Typically event submissions close at the end of the calendar year.

Event registration starts at the dates and times below according to badge level:

GC Ticket Release Process

At Gary Con, we use a gradual release cycle with tickets for certain event types (RPGs, Board Games, Card Games, Miniatures and Seminars).  Every time a new ticket tier opens, another percentage of tickets become available.  While not a perfect system, it allows every tier a chance to get a ticket for any particular event, for most events.

So, when the top tier badges open up for getting tickets, there is a percentage of seats available opened up for them in all events.  Then, when the next tier opens up, more of the seats held in reserve open up and can be taken by anyone who can buy tickets.

When the Silver tier opens, the percent reserve is dropped to zero and every seat is made available.

Getting into Details

On the events screen, you’ll see Tickets Available.  That tells you exactly how many tickets are available RIGHT NOW (or when Ticket Sales opens).  If you look inside the event and see no one signed up yet, then that means no one’s signed up and next cycle, more seats will open.

If you’re a higher tier badge and want to get a seat in a game that has no available seats when your tier opened, try again at the tier opening.

Adventurers League and RPEX do not use this tier system and are fully open, right at the start.

The process which adjusts after initial schedule runs daily, so you may see 8/8 for your event and then the next day 3/8 once the percentages are applied, so don’t sweat it.

Wait List

You can join the Wait List, but that will send you and every other person on the Wait List a notification that a spot has opened up.  You have to be paying attention to your TTE-assigned email in order to see if seats open up in a game you’re wait listed for.  It does not automatically sign you up for an open seat.

If you still have questions, please email [email protected] or visit the GC Discord #help-desk-text channel.

Open Gaming at Gary Con

Gary Con has 24-hour gaming access at the convention center beginning on Thursday at 7am and lasting until Sunday at 4pm. In addition to scheduled events, many tables are reserved for “Open Gaming” where you can find an open table to run a game or grab an open seat to join an unplanned event.