Charity – Charitable Auction

Charity – Charitable Auction

March 8, 2017 Off By LMetcalf

James M WardJames M. Ward

The Gary Con auction has always been a charitable auction and not specifically a charity auction.  Given the recent developments that tabletop gaming icon James M Ward is facing, we made the decision to re-designate where the proceeds from the auction are going this year.
The proceeds will now go to James M Ward.

Jim has been an outspoken font of wisdom and advice for gamers, publishers, and designers in the industry since its conception. He is open and free with his sage advice and prolific in his contributions through a wide range of genres.

Recently Jim has had a run of serious medical issues that have stacked some shocking debts in his mailbox. He continues to write every day from his home office or his hospital bed. Nothing can stop his love of writing and the art of games. He has given his life’s work to our community.

This year we hope that the proceeds  from the Gary Con auction can bring some relief to our friend and mentor to help him heal, keep his pen moving, and keep his dice rolling. All of us at Gary Con are pulling for you Jim and we send you love and healing – and now we will help you with those medical bills.

Please join Frank Mentzer and Luke Gygax at the Gary Con Charitable Auction Saturday March 25th at 3 pm in the Swinghurst Room. 
It’s a great cause and there are some incredible and unique items going on the auction block!