Heidi Gygax – In the Tomb of Horrors

July 25, 2016 Off By LMetcalf
Heidi Gygax

Heidi Gygax

A Gygax Memory

Many years ago in Clinton, Cindy, Luke and I used to play D&D with Dad. It was probably ’80-81 and Luke played a Ranger named Otis(?) and I had a Elf-fighter thief named Murfles. I remember how much fun we had over many weekends. So many puzzles and traps we maneuvered until Otis ended up falling into a bottomless pit.
Luke cried for days but our DM Dad didn’t give in. Luke had spent a good portion of his 10 year old life building this character so Dad eventually allowed him to be resurrected with severe damage. This campaign ended up being Tomb of Horrors.
I played once in a while after that but my teenage girl interests took me out of the house more than not. Good times. I’m sure Luke could add much more, with fewer tears…
~Heidi Gygax


luke“I didn’t cry that much! And Otis, hero of Hommlett, slayer of giants, destroyer of Drow died an ignoble death, naked at the bottom of a 100 foot pit in Accerak’s tomb. Hardly a fitting end!”