Gary Con

Gary Con is an annual game convention celebrating the life and works of Gary Gygax, the Father of Role Playing Games. We do this by doing what he loved so much in life, playing Games!  Join Gary’s children, friends and fellow game enthusiasts as we celebrate a life well-played.

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Recent Gary Con posts:

Early Bird Event Submission Extended!

Early Bird Event Submission Extended! You can still get your sweet Gary Con GM shirt! Our gift to you as Early Bird Event Submission will now remain open until November 30th! Don't miss this prime opportunity to get your own Gary Con IX GM shirt by getting your 12 hrs of events submitted via Tabletop Events. What better way to celebrate a life well played, than to [Read full article]

Game Masters Wanted!

Game Masters Wanted! NOW is the time to submit your games and events for Gary Con IX! Early submission maximizes your GM rewards and puts you early in line for prime tables and time slots. To submit games to run at Gary Con Click here use the Tabletop events page. You will need to log into the account attached to your badge to host [Read full article]

Tabletop Events and Stripe

Tabletop Events and Stripe Credit Card Charges Note that charges from Tabletop.Events, the software we're using to manage badges and events this year for Gary Con, uses a Credit Card Processing company called STRIPE. We understand that there has been confusion with some of our badge-holders and disputes have been claimed with banks over these charges. Tabletop.Events management has spoken with the STRIPE, and any future [Read full article]

Sneak peek at event Submission

Sneak peek at event SubmissionAre you curious to see how event submission will work? What improvements we have made? What the process looks like? This year we are using Tabletop.Events to make event submission, handling, and set up a breeze. You may begin submitting events for Gary Con IX (2017) on September 10th. There are rewards for GMs, and T-Shirts for Early Bird GMs that get [Read full article]

Event Submission Opens Sept 10th

Event Submission Opens Sept 10th Game Masters Wanted! Game Masters are one of the core elements that makes Gary Con possible. We want you to help us make a great Gary Con by submitting your games, reserving your tables, and running some games and events!     How event submission works To run a game of your own, you will need to submit all the details via the Table [Read full article]

Gary Gygax Eulogy (Gary Con I)

Gary Gygax Eulogy (Gary Con I)Although the video quality isn't stellar, the words in honor of E. Gary Gygax were. It was in this first year that friends and family decided to honor Gary's memory through the activity that he loved most of all - Gaming.   "This is my home video footage from my Dad's funeral in Lake Geneva, WI in March 2008. The speakers are [Read full article]

Erik Tenkar Coppers & Crullers

Erik Tenkar Coppers & CrullersI never met Gary Gygax and greatly regret that. I cut my RPG teeth on AD&D 1e and never looked back. It wasn't until many year's later, over on Gary's thread at ENWorld that we actually communicated. I used to use "Coppers & Crullers" as my tag line on ENWorld, and I mentioned to Gary that D&D was the best training [Read full article]

Scott Duncan - On Gary's Porch

As IFW chair at the time, I came up with the extra $35 to add to Gary's to rent the Hall for the first GenCon (and attended). Then I made it to GenCon V a few years later. I do remember the sand table and the shoe repair "bench" in the basement. There was the time I was there and Gary [Read full article]

Stephen Chenault - Mind the shot

Stephen Chenault - Mind the shot Some years back Davis (my brother) and I were up at Gary's. I think we there for one of the conventions in Milwaukee, the one that replaced Gencon (the name escapes me). We had trundled over to Lake Geneva to visit Gary, talk business and other sundries. We had bought Gary a bottle of his favorite Serbian whiskey (Slipovisk) and [Read full article]

Patrick Bird - Gary Calling

In seventh grade (1980-81 school year) our language arts teacher told us to form groups and to choose a favorite living author. Each group would submit their choice, and the school would try to contact the authors to see if they could arrange a conference call during school hours so we could talk to and ask questions of them. I made [Read full article]

Lloyd Metcalf - Gary made my dream

Lloyd Metcalf - Gary made my dream My life and the existence of Fail Squad Games is due to the creation of a game by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and Frank Mentzer got me hooked! As a young teen after some difficult home situations, my school work and attendance were dropping fast. I don't know where I was headed, but it was nowhere pleasant. One summer my friends [Read full article]

Shane Moore - Abyss Walker

I'm Shane Moore, creator of the Abyss Walker series. A little about why this project is absolutely amazing. In 1985, I was ten years old. I was growing up in a home with addict parents struggling with chemical use and alcoholism. I used to stare in the mirror and tell myself how stupid, lazy, and ugly I was. I wanted to [Read full article]

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